Untitled3Frontline community volunteers and community leaders do crucial advocacy related activities regularly. Effective and fruitful advocacy largely depend on perfect networking, meaningful communication and rapport building. In addition, they need to have smooth documentation skill as such documents reflect in the Universal Periodic Review report later. Bandhu arranged training for the community volunteers from USAID funded Human Rights in Development project in all Divisions of the country. It was expected that the training would strengthen their understanding and skill on advocacy, networking and documentation systems. The contents of the training were well designed and target specific. These include rights, human rights and fundamental rights, process of advocacy, communication and networking process, collection and preservation of documents, UPR process and so on. This training also aimed to strengthen the skills and strategies of lobbing.

 These two days long trainings were conducted in divisional level. All the divisions were covered throughout the year. Total 175 participants received the training where male were 125, female were 7 and transgender were 43 while the percentages are 71%, 4% and 25% for male, female and transgender participants respectively.

An interesting and promising result is reflected in the pre and post evaluation of the participants. In each division, post test mark is remarkable compared to pre test mark. So, it is assumed that knowledge changes among the participants regarding advocacy, networking, communication and UPR process has been increased as expected.