untitledOn January 19, a three-day training on Yogyakarta Principles, UPR & Case Documentation process has started at Project Management Office (PMO), Siddessawari, Dhaka. This training is conducted by Bandhu Social Welfare Society (BSWS) which will be continued till 21 January 2016. Twenty five members from 23 community based organizations (CBO) from different part of Bangladesh, under Multi-Country South Asia Global Fund HIV Programme (MSA) initiative attended the training. The objectives of the training is to

The key objectives of this training are to:

  • Yogyakarta Principle, UPR, Case documentation process
  • Basic knowledge about Human Rights
  • Improve skills on  HIV ,Human Rights work in relation to minority work in Bangladesh
  • Strategy of massage dissemination
  • Learn on key elements and process of case documentation for decreases the stigma and discrimination amongst sexual minority people

Will be able to share skills and ways to be the change-maker/Advocate in the areas of Human rights.