IMG_7174USAID’s Human Rights in Development – HRID project is working for ensuring the rights of the Gender diverse population through Bandhu. As a part of the project there is a planned activity on Safety & Security Training. This process of capacity development of Bandhu is taken in terms of encountering security threats, safer approach in its program implementation including policy and local level advocacy activities, external communication and public relations.

The training will ensure a longer-term impact among the other staffs, watchdog members and CBO members/volunteers at the local level regarding Organizational and Personal Safety and Security. By building local expertise and capacity, this initiative will also ease reliance on external resources and will trigger effective and more sustainable community-based urgent response mechanism. There were some objectives to conduct the training that are as follows;

  • To increase their capacity on security issues as well as digital security and use of social media
  • Knowing how to establish sustainable community-based urgent response mechanism in terms of security measures
  • Making security plan for themselves as well as for their organizations

 Training in Brief:

Bandhu organize the training for the community leaders from 8 Divisions to strengthen their understanding and skill on Safety Security issue. The contents of the training were well designed and target specific. These include Human rights, rights of HRD’s, Analyzing the security, Digital security and Security assessment and Security plan. The taring also aimed to strengthen the skills and strategies in terms organizational safety and security.

The training was planned for two days at all 8 division. All the divisions were covered throughout the period. A Total number of 159 participants received the training. Among them 112 were male, 5 were female and 42 were transgender. If we convert as percentages that will be 71%, 3% and 26% .

An interesting and promising result is reflected in the pre and post evaluation of the participants. In each division, post-test mark is remarkable compared to pre-test mark. So, it is assumed that knowledge changes among the participants regarding Safety and Security issue has been increased as expected. The participants have taken some interesting initiatives in terms of personal safety and security. They also made an organizational security plan as well.