UntitledBandhu is incessantly working for the well being of transgender population in Bangladesh since 1996. In this long term of work, Bandhu tried to abate the miseries of this deprived transgender community people. To establish them as a rightful burger of the society, Bandhu did several advocacies with different stakeholders like bureaucrat, physicians, teachers, lawyers, students, faith leaders etc. Like before, under USAID’s Human Rights in Development (HRID) project, Bandhu arranged a divisional sensitization meeting with government health service providers in Jessore, involving the Civil Surgeon’s office on 14th March, 2018 at Hotel City Plaza International, Jessore. There were some objectives to conduct the event that are as follows:

  1. To bring the health service providers and the marginalized community into a platform.
  2. To sensitize the health service providers to provide better health facilities to the third gender community who identify themselves minorities based on their gender identity and very vulnerable to HIV, Hepatitis and other STD’s.
  3. Create rapport between health services providers of the government facilities and transgender community to understand their needs.

The whole program was coordinated by Bandhu’s Community Based Organization (CBO) of Jessore name “Arpon Manob Kollyan Shongstha”.  Honorable Civil surgeon of Jessore Dr. Dilip Kumar Roy was present as a chief guest. Dr. Harun-Ar-Rashid, Deputy Civil Surgeon was present as a special guest. Other 10 physicians, 11 Nurses, 1 Bandhu Panel Lawyer of Jessore, 1 local journalist and 5 community members and other NGO’s representatives were present in the program.

In the remarks of chief guest, Civil Surgeon said, “Irrespective of any identity, all citizen of the country are entitled to get all Gov’t facilities. There is straight direction from Prime Minister is to give proper health care for all. Hijra population is a part of our society, so we never can improve our situation by leaving them behind.”  He strictly instructed all other doctors and nurses to be sincere for the treatment of Hijra and other gender diverse population in his area. He requested all community members to let him know directly about any lack of sincerity from the service providers.