Bandhu Social Welfare Society (Bandhu) was formed in 1996 to address concerns of human rights abuse and denial of sexual health rights, and provide a rights-based approach to health and social services for the most stigmatized and vulnerable populations in Bangladesh, including men who have sex with men (MSM), kothis/hijras and their partners. Bandhu have been officially registered since 1997, starting with a staff of just two and a small programme in Central Dhaka supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy. Over the years it has emerged as a national community-led organization currently providing social and health services to a broad range of sexual minority populations in 21 districts in the country. A core objective of BSWS work with MSM and Hijras/transgender people is to advocate and provide for an environment where the respect and dignity of all sexual minority populations, irrespective of their specific gender and/or sexual identity, is assured. Furthermore, BSWS seeks to create an enabling social, policy and legal environment, thereby supporting sexual minorities to more effectively respond to issues around their sexual health rights and basic human rights.


Bandhu Social Welfare Society works toward the well-being of sexual minorities by facilitating sexual and reproductive

health services and supporting human rights, dignity and alternative livelihoods of their choices.


Bandhu Social Welfare Society envisions a Bangladesh where every person, irrespective of their gender and sexuality, is able to lead a quality life with dignity, human rights and social justice.

Bandhu’s Strategic Goals:


Enhanced coverage and comprehensive services of SRHR including HIV for sexual minority communities and their partners


Reduced physical, social, psychological and legal harassment and stigma of sexual minority communities


Enhance decision making ability of the sexual minority communities in program and policy issues


Improved livelihood options for the sexual minority communities


Enhanced capacity and sustainability of the BSWS

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Half_Yearly_Report_July to December 2014_MSA_BSWS