Bandhu Social Welfare Society (BSWS) is a National NGO working on improving sexual health and rights of sexual minority populations in Bangladesh since 1996. Currently its HIV and health services are being provided through 37 well equipped Field Offices in 22 districts of Bangladesh. With the support from The Global Fund, BSWS has also been implementing Multi-Country South Asia (MSA) Regional HIV/AIDS Program in Bangladesh since 2011. As a part of this Global Fund program, BSWS is implementing different activities and recently BSWS has taken initiatives to disseminate the project related activities/achievements to other country partners through producing narrative half-yearly report. This half-yearly report covers the period from January-June 2015 where key activities and its achievements are highlighted under MSA project. During this period the project has faced a number of challenges – country-wide hartal and blockade – that continued for more than three months and created obstacles to meet the deadlines as well as project targets. Despite all these challenges, the MSA team was committed to implement the planned activities with success.

The MSA project conducted

i) training on Stigma and Discrimination for government health service providers,

ii) training on Treatment as Prevention,

iii) need-based training for emergent CBOs and In-Country downstream partners,

iv) launching Seed Fund Grant program,

v) country wide IDAHO celebration involving 23 CBOs and public universities under Gender and Sexuality Resource Centre,

vi) conducted capacity building workshop for the partner organization of STI/AIDS Network of Bangladesh (SANB), and finally

vii) organized National Advocacy Program in collaboration with National Human Rights Commission.

Beyond these, Arpon Manob Kallyan Society (CBO) got the registration as a part of continuous Technical Assistance by the GF country program and MSA program.

This was possible due to guidance and timely feedbacks from UNDP-BRH. We believe that BSWS will accomplish the designated activities with remarkable achievements at the policy level through the continued support in the future.

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Half Yearly Report_Jan to June’15 _ MSA_BSWS_BGD