Projects and their objectives

Project Title:
“SRHR for Gender Diverse Communities: Moving towards more integrated approaches for equality and social justice”

  • To improve access of gender diverse communities to quality sexual and reproductive health services.
  • To promote and protect of human rights of gender diverse communities and their access to justice
  • To improve access to social entitlements and social protection for gender diverse communities

Project Title:
Expanding HIV Prevention in Bangladesh (Proving HIV prevention services with MSM and Transgender (Hijra) in Bangladesh.

  • To increase the scale of prevention services for key populations at higher risk (IDUs, female sex workers, hijras and MSM)
  • To increase the scale of the most effective activities conducted with the expiring Round-2 grant
  • To build capacity of partners in order to increase the scale of the national response.

Project Title: 
Building Access to Justice and Legal Support for Gender Diverse Population of Bangladesh

The project will address three key problems and these are:

  • Lack of awareness of the TG Rights by the public and stakeholders
  • Lack of knowledge of TGs on their rights
  • Lack of access to legal support and justice by TG

Right Here Right Now-2 (RHRN-2)

  • SRHR Information and Education: Empowered young people make decisions about their sexuality, voice their needs and claim their rights
  • Public Support: A critical mass reinforces positive norms and values regarding young people’s SRHR and gender justice.
  • Policy Advocacy: Governments adopt, implement and account for human rights-based policies and laws that enable young people’s SRHR and gender justice.
  • Strengthening Civil Society and Movement Building: youth at the forefront, inclusive, united and resilient.


Project title: Advancing movement of SOGI community: Parity and Justice

  • Improve social, cultural and legal environment for SOGI population through national and international advocacy
  • Gender justice reducing gender-based violence among the community
  • Community resilience and capacity building


Project Title: Sustainability and Combating Safety Vulnerabilities through Digital well -being and Awareness

  • Safety and Security including digital security
  • Strengthening organizational Website
  • Knowledge Management (KM) for its workforce and community
  • Business plan to enable resource from different sources


Project Title: Innovation to upscaling

  • Increase awareness at the community, society, and national level for human rights and legal barriers faced by the LBTI people.
  • Improve the socio-cultural and legal environment at the state level.
  • Strengthen the capability of possibility to ensure its long-term sustainability

NOREC (FK Norway)
Project Title: Saksham: Learning Exchange

  • Observe, understand and learn the various health and education activities of partners including the functioning of each organization.
  • Understand the functioning of health and health education programs and their sustainability of partners formed and managed by the community themselves
  • Learn effective options, new skills for creating result bearing livelihood interventions which have direct positive impact on improving overall health conditions
  • Understand the need based and demand driven approach of partners and its strategy and enhance the knowledge and skills in the area of small and medium enterprise development for the sustainability of the organizations


Project Title: Empowering Left Behind Minority Communities to Effectively Participate in the Development Process of Bangladesh

  • To build the capacity of local and national minority rights CSOs and networks and ensure a conducive and enabling environment to promote socio-economic rights and structured participation of women and girls, transgender & Hijra community and people with disability.
  • To reduce discrimination, and harmful practices by increasing awareness on minority rights, capabilities and contributions in society; and challenging stereotypes prejudices, and harmful practices within and against minority.
  • To promote inclusive policy formulation, implementation and governance accountability by strengthening advocacy and lobbying influence of minority rights CSOs.


Project Title: Access to Justice at Community

  • Enable institutions at the national and district level to adopt the tested reform approaches and implement them with their own resources
  • Improve the basis for evidence-based, gender-sensitive and needs-based policy making
  • Improve access to justice for people in vulnerable situations and disadvantaged groups.

Project Title: STEP – Social Justice Through Empowerment and Parity

  • To build capacity of SOGI community and strengthen their voice
  • To ensure effective participation in the existing structure, facilitate psychosocial, mental health counselling and legal aid support
  • To ensure basic human rights using innovative approaches and create create mass awareness about culture diversity and sensitivity in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity

The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CLFI)
Project Title:
Movement towards protecting human rights of SOGI community in Bangladesh

  • To advance the overall human rights situation of SOGI community through awareness and advocacy
  • To improve the knowledge and capacity on Human Rights and SRHR of SOGI community


  • To raise awareness and sensitivity on sexual and reproductive health of 2500 FDMN and host community’s population at Cox’sbazar
  • To provide sexual and reproductive health services including lifestyle related communicable diseases to 900 FDMN and host community’s population at Cox’sbazar
  • To build capacity of project staffs on sexual reproductive health care to provide appropriate services


  •  To institutionalize the psycho-social and psycho-sexual counselling with Dhaka University Psychology Department and developing national module and manuals
  • To scale up of national capacity for innovative techniques of counseling
  • To mentor and prepare the young competent HIM members for employability and facilitate job placement.
  • To increase access of essential HIV services to marginalized MSM / TG (KP) adolescents and youths