Projects and their objectives:

Project Title:
Rights of Gender Diverse Population (RGDP)

  • To enhance awareness and knowledge among gender diverse and Hijra community about their human rights, self-responsibilities and duties;
  • To improve supportive socio-cultural and legal environment for gender diverse population to access public services through sensitizing policy makers & stakeholders;
  • To enhance capacity of relevant stakeholders to reduce harassment, stigma, discrimination and human rights violations in relation to SOGI issues
  • To mobilize gender diverse community & relevant stakeholders for ensuring safety and legal rights

Project Title:
Youth for Inclusive Development in South Asia

  • Build networks of youth groups across the South Asia region which are able to employ civic engagement to positively influence outcomes for minority groups – including security, identity, dignity, and development (their equal access to services, entitlements and opportunities).

Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF)
Project Title: Youth engagement for inclusive development, Gender Parity and Social Justice

  • To groom Youth Engagement for Inclusive Development, Gender Parity and Social Justice including gender diverse communities through different interventions, engagements and activities.
  • To create access of Gender and Sexual Minorities (GSM) to education, empowerment, employment and participation in decision-making process through levitating their voice in society/state.

Human Rights Program of UNDP (Low Value Grant)
Project Title: Movement towards ensuring the quality of Human Rights for the Gender Divers Community.

  • Ensure parity to enjoy the Human Rights by gender diverse community particularly the TG through protecting different forms of violations in society.
  • To strengthen the Community Systems mobilizing local resources including institutional capacities, local movements, coalition, alliances and networks
  • To ensure access to justice collaborating with LEA, local CSOs and other institutions at local and national level
  • To reduce stigma and discrimination through forming a sustainable platform amongst community

UNDP Diversity Fund (PTIB)
Project Title: Promoting Social Inclusion of Transgender/Hijras Community.

  • Ensure positive atmosphere through sensitizing the relevant stakeholders and reducing the rights violation of TG/Hijras

International Republican Institute (IRI)

Project Title: Upholding Human Rights of the SOGI Population (UHRSP)

  • To uphold and ensure the human rights of the SOGI Population
  • To create awareness among the different level o stakeholders of the state about the human rights of the SOGI population
  • To create community advocate among the SOGI population and identify the sectors where SOGI population human rights are violating