04_Orientation on Seed Fund Grant_02Seed Fund Grant (SFG) aims to provide support towards MSM and TG led CBOS to develop sustainable business plan and operate income generating activities for ensuring future sustainability and to mobilize and organize advocacy activities for conducive policy environments at local level.

From 02-05 August 2017, Orientation on Seed Fund Grant and Coordination Meeting under phase – II was organized by MSA, Bandhu at Chelakotha, 5/7 (6th Floor), Block D, Lalmatia. A total 29 participants including 05 CBO representatives, Executive Director of Bandhu, Ad-hoc Panel Committee Members and other Bandhu officials were participated in the meeting. The objectives of the meeting were-

  • To develop final action plan includingbusiness plan, advocacy plan and budget
  • To orient about  Seed Fund Grant (SFG)
  • Agreement signing of SFG

Umme Farhana Zarif Kanta, Program Manager, Bandhu extend warm welcome to the participants and commenced the meeting followed by the introduction of all participants. She briefly shared the Seed Fund Grant Project and its objective under MSA grant. Md. Shahidul Alam, Director Finance & Admin and Member of Ad-hoc Panel Committee of SFG shared the Selection process of CBOs under, SFG

The activities of the meeting were:

  • Review 05 draft Business Plans (BP) submitted by CBOs for Bandhu to  finalize
  • Review 5 proposals and re-set the activities to implement the local level activities
  • Orientation on SFG Project (Program including M&E)
  • Orientation on Seed Fund Grant Project (Finance)
  • Agreement Signing program

Based on final BP and budget, contract aggrement developed. On behalf of Bandhu, Mr. Saleh Ahmed, Executive Director, Bandhu and on behalf CBO, President/Secretary signed the agreement accordingly. The honorable Ad-hoc Panel Committee Members observed all the contact signing procedures.

List of CBOs and their approved Business Plan and Budget-

Name of CBOs Name of Business Plan Nature of Business Budget (BDT) Budget (USD)
Siri SamajKallaynSangstha Siri Hastashilpo O Block Boutique Readymade garments with handicrafts and Block Boutique 583,250 7,437.52
Bachar Asha SangskritikSangathan BSS PoshakProstut O SarbarahaProkolpo Readymade garments 594,250 7,577.79
AgragamiSamajikUnnayanSangstha Daffodil Tailors Readymade garments 319,950 4,079.95
Sathi Hijra Unnayan Sangha Sathi Gavi Palan O DugdhaBikroyProkolpo Cow and Dairy firm 611,300 7,795.21
ChinnomulManobKallayan Society Spice Restaurant O Cattering Restaurant and Catering 508,000 6,508.54

04_Orientation on Seed Fund Grant_01The CBO ChinnomulManobKallayan Society required time to develop/complete their Business Plan in that meeting but after couple of days they completed the plan and signed the agreement accordingly.

The follow up actions of this event are as follows:

  • All Business Plan implementation period will be for 5 months (August to September 2017) except ChinnomulManobKallayan Society
  • Through Bandhu prescribed format CBOs will provide necessary materials requisition to Bandhu along with three quotations
  • All recruitment and procurement procedures will be conducted as per respective CBO policies/manual
  • All advocacy event will be conducted as per M&E plan and budget of Bandhu under SFG