WU_02_Media Fellowship Award...2016_001Bandhu announced its 6th Media Fellowship’2016 and a total of 10 journalists were awarded for three months Fellowship Program. For this, an orientation session was organized from 14-15 October 2016 at HOPE Centre, Savar, Dhaka.

Orientation on Media Fellowship 2016 took place from 14-15 October 2016 at HOPE Center, Savar, Dhaka. The purpose of this event was to bring together all media fellows in one place and orient them on their fellowship task as well as sensitize on the community issues while reporting. A total of 13 persons including Mentors attended this orientation event.

Throughout the orientation meeting, all the fellows received clear direction on their individual fellowship task and were introduced with Bandhu’s mission, vision and overall interventions. In addition interview with the community helped them to clear their perceptions about Hijra’s tradition, culture, livelihood, rights, etc.

However, after three months assignment Bandhu organized Media Fellowship Award Ceremony on 18th December, 2016 at A S Mahmud Seminar Hall, The Daily Star, 64-65 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Dhaka. A total of 68 participants attended from different print, online news portal, electronic houses along with NGO, INGO and community representatives.

Professor Dr. Md. Golam Rahman, Chief Information Commissioner, Bangladesh Information Commission, Dhaka, Bangladesh attended as Chief Guest. This program announced the closing of the media fellowship officially through acknowledging their efforts and disseminating the reports of fellowship, crests and certificates.

Professor Dr. Md. Golam Rahman, Chief Information Commissioner, Information Commission Bangladesh said many projects and various actions have been taken in order to support and bring the third gender into the mainstream society. So the mainstream society mainly consisting of male and female are yet to be sensitized with the term third gender

Key Recommendations of the Program:

  • Need to highlight the unexpressed sufferings of the Hijra TG and MSM community more often in the print and electronic media and so that people can change their attitude towards themselves
  • Arrange more and frequent events involving Members of Parliament so that they have the correct notions on the needs of the sexual minority population which will in turn facilitate in bringing this agenda in the parliament for processing next course of action.
  • Need to involve the short film makers so that they can positively highlight the Hijra community.
  • Involve current and old fellows in program activities of Bandhu as much as possible so that, they will continue to have right knowledge and correct information’s, which they can be able to contribute in reducing stigma and discrimination in the society through reports and their write-up.