The Bangladesh cabinet passed a gazette notification  which declared the Hijras/Transgender (TG) as the third gender in Bangladesh. With this recognition, Hijra/TG community is expected to be entitled to similar Rights as any other man or woman in terms of education, job facilities, housing, health, as well as all other facilities. This groundbreaking decision is important as this very population cluster has been an object of ridicule or sometimes looked down as an isolated component existing in the society. Recently, after four years of recognition, Bangladesh’s government announced that it would create a third option for gender on its voting list forms and accordingly, the Election Commission has added ‘Hijra’ to the ‘gender identity’ section of the voter list.

The new amendment in the Voting List is truly an inspiration for this underprivileged group to live with new hope. However, despite this progress, hijra population is still facing significant discrimination; challenges and violence in their everyday lives.They don’t get equal access in Government hospitals, denial to get government job due to medical checkup for their genuineness, rejection from families, workplaces, educational institutions and broader society. As a result, they continue to get involved in unprotected sex trade and putting themselves in vulnerable situation for HIV/AIDS.


Bandhu Social Welfare Society always tries to introduce innovative ideas in its programs, Media Award is one of them. We believe, media has the strong influence to raise public awareness on this important issues by consistently highlighting HIV, gender based violence and so many other issues around the Gender Diverse community. The real scenario of Hijra and other diverse community and their needs call for more coverage in media and sometimes media is not sensitized enough regarding on this concerns.

To address these, Bandhu introduced Media Fellowship initiative since 2011 that leverages the influence of the media to work as a positive force for improving the human rights and health of this vulnerable population.

In continuation of this initiative this year, Bandhu is announcing its 8th round Bandhu Media Award 2018, for all journalists in Bangladesh. This time the Media Award will be offered jointly with UNAIDS Bangladesh.

 Key Features

Anyone from journalism background and attached with media house can participate in ‘Bandhu-UNAIDS Media Award 2018’. This also includes Bandhu’s previous media fellows. It is an open-ended competition and any of interested applicant can be the participant by producing and publishing or airing at least two reports on their respective print or electronic media within February-October 2018 period.

It is important to note that Jury Boardwill also consider the quality against the quantity while finalizing the award. Bandhu will invite interested journalists including Bandhu’s former fellows through advertisements on national newspaper, Bandhu website and other network. The duration of report submission will be from February to October, 2018. The Jury Board will select 1st, 2nd and 3rd position amongst all participants based on their published report.

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