On November 15, a learning circle session on MI approach were arranged to widen the BSWS  organizational learning regarding MI approach was conducted by Md. Muzib Ullah Senior Officer, Training, BSWS at Gender and Sexuality Resource Centre, BSWS. Twenty five participants from different stockholder including BSW employee, community based organizations attended the Session. The objectives of the session were to:

  • Increase the participants’ knowledge and understanding on the MI Approaches
  • Increase the participants’ understanding of principles of MI Approaches and uses of approaches
  • Provide the participants with the competencies to able to apply concepts of MI approaches in the individual life, including organizational settings and, how to use in counseling, communications and social mobilization, and use information in the community level.

MIFind the participating community advocates’ testimonies below.

  • It is wonderful method I have never seen before
  • From this session I have learned how to behave with some one
  • Close and open question are ways to counseling a person
  • Before doing anything it is wise to think.
  • At first we should hear other voices, what actually he/or she wants
  • We can change our life through MI approaches
  • It is not wise to think in own view point.
  • Think rationally and respect others emotion


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