untitledOn January 30, a learning circle session on “Gender And Diversity In Color” were arranged to widen the BSWS  organizational learning regarding gender and diversity was conducted by Masbah U Ahmed Assistant Manager, Training, BSWS at Gender and Sexuality Resource Centre, BSWS. Participants from different stockholder BSWS employees, HIM members, Journalists, MSM and Hijra Community representatives attended the Session. The objectives of the workshop were to:

Objectives of the session are.

  1. To understand on gender in social contest v personal views
  2. Increased the knowledge about gender identity
  3. Increased  capacity  and skills on diversity groups and their different illustration

In this session it was discussed about gender diversity, gender identity, gender and sexuality, difference among different gender identity. Art and  participatory approach were used for discussion. Participants actively took part in the discussion and art. After that they shared their learning in the forum.

Find the participating community advocates’ testimonies below.

  • Learned about difference between MSM and Hizra community.
  • From this session I have realized that it is necessary to change attitude towards diversity as there are many diversities existing among human being.
  • Every gender needs equal opportunity, respect and rights
  • Gender diversity part of social life should identity is not a matter.
  • At first we should hear other voices, what actually he/or she wants
  • Every person should respect others vices and emotion

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Gender and Sexuality Resource Centre, 62/A,7th Floor, Sidesswari(Near Monowara Hospital),Ramana, Dhaka-1217