COVERBandhu Social Welfare Society has published a Storybook titled ‘Breaking the Silence’ with the real-life stories of joys, love and dreams of Hijra and other gender diverse communities. Stories are also built on breaking the barriers and struggle of their life. The Canadian High Commission, Australian High Commission and UNAIDS Bangladesh extended their support to this initiative.

The launching ceremony of this Storybook was held today with the presence of the writers and representatives of gender diverse communities and different organizations.

Mr. Benoit Prefontaine, the High Commissioner of Canada to Bangladesh, Mr. Jeremy Bruer, the High Commissioner of Australia to Bangladesh, Dr. Saima Khan of UNAIDS were present as distinguished guests of the ceremony.

With words soaked in emotions, the writers in the storybook have surfaced their humble plea to the larger audience to support their causes and, advocate where possible, for their social acceptance and stigma-free, non-discriminated access to all public facilities including health.