The current context of COVID-19 outbreak and country wise lockdown, many of the gender diverse population, especially 3rd gender population, who are poor and live on day-to-day earnings, cannot earn their living and they are need of food.

Bandhu feels its obligation to support this ultra-poor community members and to this end,

-          had a management meeting online how to extend support. The decisions taken are

  • A package containing 5 kg rice, 1 kg lentils, 3 kg potatoes, 1 kg puffed rice, 2 kg onion, 1 liter soybean oil, 1 kg salt, 2 musks, and 6 pkt. Oral saline will be distributed to each of the poor beneficiaries.

-          Resources will be mobilized through

  • One day salary contribution of officer level staff members
  • Propose Executive Committee members to personally contribute.
  • Propose the plan and budget required to the existing donors for additional funding and explore possibility to other donors, UN agencies and private sectors.

-          has done a mapping of  3350 community members of all divisions of the country through its field offices and 35 CBOs (community-based organizations) run and managed by Hijra themselves. They are poor and in need.

-          Prepared a projected budget which is about BDT 56,30,000  (fifty six lac thirty thousand only)

-          A detail plan is being prepared to be shared with all concerned.

Bandhu believes that with supports from all, it can stand beside these indigent beneficiaries with these bare essentials in this difficult time.

“Please Email us (, if you are interested to extend your cooperation.“