Chittagong, November 2015:

01A photo exhibition titled HIM EXPRESS: Youth Yearn has been organized by Bandhu Social Welfare Society and funded by British High Commission which depicts the stories of many young lives in the Sexual Minority community, expressing their desires, depression, life style and reality.

Inauguration session has been successfully accomplished on 8th November, 2015 at Photo Gallery, Theatre Institute, Chittagong.

Youth Yearn had hoped to address the issues that reveal the lifestyle of adolescent (age group 15-24), focus on mental & physical health, identify level and types of stigma and discrimination especially to young and youth and highlight the obstacles to receive sexual health services.

The photographs were exhibited in an unique way, displaying ranges of photos that articulated about the lives of the young Sexual minority populace that brings more focus and understanding about their lives.

02Executive Director of BSWS, Mr. Shale Ahmed mentioned that since the number of HIV infected population is increasing, it is of importance that their rights to proper health services are improved. He said, ‘the exhibition gave them a platform to tell about their challenges. Now it is onto us how we listen to their challenges and get a solution out’. He also said, recently a research from ICDDR,B found out that, the second largest group is adolescent who are going to brothel/ sex worker. We cannot follow them where they go, but we may one thing that if we can provide the right information, if we can talk to them about the issues then we can reduce the vulnerabilities. So we need to work together and bring this young minority population in right way.

03Mr. Md. Shohidullah PPM, Additional Superintendent of Police (HQ), Chittagong as a Chief Guest given a big thank to BSWS for their brave work. He said, “They are also a part of our society, they are our Human resource, so we need to develop our resource for betterment of our country and it is our responsibility as a citizen. He also said, this community has all kind of human rights and they will get all the rights.” 

04Mr. Sucharit Khokan, Actor & Director, Presidium Member of Bangladesh Group Theatre Federation, Chittagong appreciated the effort of BSWS in promoting and working for the cause of the HIJRA and other sexual minority community and congratulated the photographers for putting up such an exhibition. He said, “We just see their external factors, but we cannot understand and feel their inner feel, their life. So we need more and more workshop, seminar such kind of photography and I am requesting to BSWS for organizing such kind of activities so that they can develop themselves and also the mass people can know about themselves.”

05Rofiqul Islam Royal and Md. Muzib Ullah Tareq were overwhelmed with joy and gratitude while thanking the guests, audience and staff members for their univocal positivity towards their photographs. They shared their experience while taking the photographs and wished to arrange such an event on a wider scale with more exposure of the mainstream audience.  On behalf of Sebastian Chatelier (who was not present), the other photographers thanked everyone for supporting and encouraging their hard work.

One Hijra has read a letter as a Hijra representative. She said their feel, their need, their rights and their desire for better lives.

After that, The honorable guest has opening the photography exhibition and show all the photographs.