IMG_6373Bandhu Social Welfare Society organized its one of the innovative activities “HIM EXPRESS: Youth Yarn Photographic Exhibition” at Hotel Royal International, Khulna on 19 January-21 January, 2016.  This exhibition has been funded by British High Commission, which describes the stories of many young lives in the Sexual Minority community, expressing their desires, depression, life style and reality. This event was inaugurated at 3:00 pm on 19 January, 2016 by the Mr. Habibur Rahman, BPM, Police Super, Khulna as a chief guest, Mr. Md. Mokbul Hossain Mintu, President, Khulna Press Club as a special guest, Mrs. Rabeya Fahid Hasna Hena, Counselor, Khulna City Corporation as a special guest, Mrs. Anzira Begum, Counselor and Mr. Saiful Islam, Counselor, Khulna City Corporation as a guest.

31 photographs of three photographers (Sibastein Chateliar-France, Mohammad Rofiqul Islam Royal and Md. Muzib Ullah- Bangladesh) are exhibiting for three days. Many journalists from electronic and print media, students, faculties of universities, colleges, teachers, government officials, Non-government personnel, counselors of Khulna city corporations, rickshaw pullers, minority community peoples and many other general peoples are came to this exhibition.

03Mr. Shale Ahmed, Executive Director, BSWS said that, “Bangladesh government plans to create a strategy paper for youth and adolescent. Our organization very strongly said in a consultation meeting of government at Khulna city, Hijra is one of our key population, they are also invited at that time, when the strategic paper will be developed. Then it will be a better document and in future we will be able to utilize it.” Mr. Md. Mokbul Hossain Mintu, President, Khulna Press Club has given thanks to BSWS for their challenging work. He also said, “They are one of us. Now society is accepting them. Transgender community can work in many area, we should work with them and it is also their human right.” Mrs. Rabeya Fahid Hasna Hena, Counselor, Khulna City Corporation said, “Transgender a part of our society, society will go together with them. Through this photo exhibition, Bandhu has proved that, many things can be done with them. Our government has taken the initiative in their rehabilitation and employment.” Mr. Habibur Rahman, BPM, Superintendent of Police, Khulna said, “I request the election commission to bring the names of Hijra people in voter lists very soon. It will develop their self and increase their responsibility to the country. Family should aware their community child, they have to take care and help them as well.”