Bandhu Social Welfare Society (Bandhu) along with Nagorik Uddyog (NU), WAVE Foundation, and BLAST organized its 1st launching event of ELMC project at Moulavibazar on07 December, 2021 at Bengal Conference Hall where more than 100 people along with community people from all partners organizations attended.  The program started with the welcome speech of Bandhu and after that, each representative from NU, WAVE, and Bandhu introduced their mission and vision in line with the ELMC project goal. An overview of the ELMC project and findings of the Baseline Survey was shared with the audience that was an eye-opener about the level of discrimination towards the marginalized community.

Additional District Commissioner of Moulavi Bazar, Md. Abdul Haq (Education and ICT) grace the event as Chief Guest. Ms. Shaheda Akter, Deputy Director, Department of Women Affairs, Md. Alauddin, Deputy Director, Department of Youth Development (DYD), and Rasheduzzaman Chowdhury, Deputy Director, Department of Social Services (DSS) were there as Special Guests. In addition, representatives from different local and central media attended the full program and covered the launching news in different print and online media. The event chaired by Umme Farhana Zarif Kanta, Director- Policy Advocacy and Human Rights of Bandhu.

In the open discussion session, community people from all clusters raised their voices against social stigma, discrimination, and other challenges. The DC and other guests committed in the forum to ensure their support to achieve the goal of the project and appreciated the combined efforts of all partners along with Christian Aid and the European Union.

Finally, honorable chief guest, special guests, other eminent guests along with left behind minority communities observed the 16 days of activism with the theme “Orange the World”.

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