IMG_7839Though various developments with regard to the status, quality of life and security of transgender population have been taken place, still they face incidents of harassment, rights violation in different places. In 2018, Bandhu has received many complaints from hijra population of their rights violation. Considering this phenomenon, Bandhu designed a divisional level consultation with multi-level stakeholders to discuss issues and challenges faced by hijras, and come up with probable solutions.
In this regard, Bandhu organized such a consultation at Rajshahi on 19 November, 2018.
In total 24 people participated in this consultation including government officials, NGO activists, lawyers, teacher, students and journalists etc. Especially, Abu Hayat Md. Rahmatullah, Additional District Commissioner (Revenue), Dr. Barnabus Hasdak, Deputy Civil Surgeon, Dr. Tabebur Rahman, Vice President (Bangladesh Medical Association) and Ashikuzzaman, Social Services Officer (Social Welfare Department) graced the consultation as guest of honor.
In the consultation, various issues and challenges been discussed of hijra community, and few recommendations been made to elevate their standard of life. Dr. Tabebur Rahman opined “its high time to develop residential school for hijras”. In this regard, he suggested that the hijra population should work in coordination with the administration for establishing such residential school, which will be a great initiative if implemented. Moreover, Abu Hayat Md. Rahmatullah stated that in Rajshahi steps are being taken for the betterment of this community, for example: initiatives are under process of providing hijras with separate lands, where various skill development trainings will be conducted for them.