For write up 02_Orientation with Govt. Health Service Providers_JamalpurBandhu regularly organize day long orientation program with Govt. Physicians under Civil Surgeon in order to mobilize the Governmental Health Care Service support towards the community.  Bandhu intends to make a bridge between the gender diversity people and the Local Governmental for better understanding and to create a positive attitude.

To introduce the global health service systems and our reality in regional geographical scenario, creating an opportunity for gender diversity people thereby they can get health care support from UHFPO without any forms of stigma and discrimination and to create common understand about MSM/Hijra health need issues and provide necessary assistance to avail proper health services, a daylong orientation program for Govt. Physicians under civil surgeon was organized on 27 March 2017 by Bandhu Social Welfare Society (Bandhu) at Conference Hall, Civil Surgeon Office, Jamalpur

A total of 19 distinguished participants representing Upazilla Health and Family Planning Officer, Medical Officers, Deputy Civil Surgeon and Civil Surgeon attended.

The Honorable Civil Surgeon Dr. Md. Musuair-ul-Islam, Jamalpur graced the event as chief guest. Mx. Arifa Yesmin Moyri, President, Siri  Shamaj  Kallyaun Shanstha CBO welcomed the distinguished guests to the forum as local organizing partner of Bandhu.  Dr. Allen S Baroi, Bandhu facilitate the main session.

This session helped the audience to understand about gender diversified community, associated risk related to HIV, pattern of stigma due to sexual identity, barriers to get services from Govt. Hospitals, nderstanding the complexities of MSM, transgender people and HIV, needs, risks and competing priorities that impact on health-seeking behavior  and HIV treatment, care and support of the gender diversity people.

Agreed action items for following up:

  • ·         In UHFPO current set up, there is no specific system for TG population. Participants felt the need of non-judgmental health care set-up for the TG population in UHFPO set up.
  • ·         Civil surgeon agreed to discuss these issues in their regular monthly meeting at upzilla level.
  • ·         Frequent session needed for more understanding about Sexual Minority population, HIV/AIDS and its implication.
  • ·         Need to distribute reading materials during such session for their better understanding.
  • ·         Civil Surgeon and UHFPO can build good rapport with the community people and create access to get support without any forms of stigma and discrimination

Governmental Health Care Service Providers were committed to extend all kind of support after sharing the painful story of Mx. Arifa Yesmin Moyri, President, Siri  Shamaj  Kallyaun Shanstha