This study aimed to understand the physical, mental and financial vulnerabilities of TG and Hijras, the beneficiary community of Bandhu’s response to the ongoing situation due to Covid-19. Transgender and Hijra community have always faced extreme social stigma, discrimination, isolation and separation. People always have a ‘bad perception’ towards the transgender and Hijra community. This quick survey has been taken in order to understand their needs, current crisis and how to reform their situation for the betterment of the community. The overall objective of the study is to determine the impact of COVID-19 to TG and Hijras, the beneficiary community of Bandhu. This study also tried to find out the possible solutions and outcomes of the current situation. The study was quantitative in nature but to understand the insight of the community in depth interviews were carried out with five TG and Hijra community representatives. Considering the situation and resource limitation, the survey was conducted among 80 community members covering all 8 divisions of Bangladesh (8X10=80). Over Phone survey with semi structured questionnaire and online data collection (using social media, i.e. Facebook groups/pages of TG and Hijras) methods were deployed to conduct the study.

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