untitledDhaka, April 25, 2016-Bandhu Social Welfare Society (Bandhu) organized a divisional level consultation meeting on 24th April 2016 at Hotel Ambassador conference room, Khulna in coordination of community based organization (CBO), GO and NGO in order to enhance the capacity and skills of CBO and reduce the stigma & discrimination and misconception persist in the society against Most at Risk Population (MARP) of HIV and AIDS.These activities under the Multi-Country South Asia Global Fund HIV Programmed (MSA-910-GO2-H) which is supported by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. In Bangladesh, Bandhu serves as the sub-recipient of the grant. In this meeting local level CBO Chinnomul Manob Kallyan Society, Sundarban Manob Kallyan Sangstha’, (Mongla Bagerhat), and Arpon Manob Kallyan Sangstha’, (Jessore) had described their organizations activities and their significant achievement.

In this meeting, as chief guest, Mr. Md, Habibul Haque  Khan, Assistant director (Deputy Secretary), District Commission Office, Khuna was present. As a special guest, Miss Abida Afrin, Social welfare officer, Social welfare department (SWD) was present. The meeting presided over by Roma Khatun, Panel Mayor, Khulna City Corporation. Among others 50 representative from Go and NGO, city corporation, DC office, civil surgeon office, Marie stopes, BLAST and journalist were present.

untitled1One representative from space committed that his organization will arrange training on swing for Hijras and he also emphasized on changing attitudes of Hijra. Mari stops and Khulna Mukti seba Songho committed that they will provide health services for Hijra community. Other than BLAST representative committed that they will provide legal service for this community.

Miss Abida Afrin, special guest said that SWD will arrange different training for Hijra alongside they will provide stipend for Hijra, based on the list which will be finalized by SWD as early as possible.

Mr. Md, Habibul Haque Khan, chief guest requested that Bandhu should conduct more research in order to find out the current human rights scenario of hijra community and come forward all GO and NGO for improving their livelihood option. Panel Mayor, Ruma khatun committed that they are always with this community and emphasized on family behaviors and commitment towards Hijra.

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Mohammad Fhakrul Islam, Coordinator Knowledge Management and M&E, fhakrul@bandhu-bd.org

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