02_CBO Coordination meeting and Experience sharing visit_03Bandhu Social Welfare Society (Bandhu) has been working with 27 CBOs in terms of enhancing their existing capacity building to address STI/HIV –related issues within targeted population, strengthening referral services and networks and specially their advocacy and sustainability initiatives.

So, as a part of community capacity enhancement, Bandhu organized a “CBO coordination meeting and experience sharing visit” on 14 August 2017 in order to

  • Provide a platform to  local CBOs to observe, discuss, exchange ideas/experiences and learn about the  success, issues, opportunities and solutions;
  • Enhance participants’ knowledge on the “Manab Polli”(a Hijra village established by Iqbalur Rahim, Whip and Member of the Parliament, Bangladesh) establishment  details and other community sustainability related  issues that they would like to discuss through exposure to the areas having similar cases;
  • Identify major challenges and issues at the local level and its impacts at overall communities.

Bandhu planned to organize the meeting at Hijra ManobPolli, but as the venue became flooded, so the event arranged at Whip’s premises.

The meeting included coordination, sharing the Bandhu expectation, role model sharing, ground playing and ‘hands-on’ basic skills . The topics covered discussions on team responsibility and organizational good governess practices, health care facilities by referral mechanism ; client  safety and security; disaster planning: appropriate use of communication; management of members conflict; mental wellbeing and counseling; basic organizational ethic’s and improvement techniques; prevention of  STI and HIV transmission; record keeping, monitoring and evaluation on CBO activities. So that community peoples gets the correct service on the correct surface at the correct time. However some of CBO has shared their best practices amongst countrywide different partners and some of flourishing case/sharing is as follows,

  1. Mx. Moyuri, President, Shiri Samaj Kallayan Songha shared their long journey on social acceptance and Joyeeta award receiving issues.
  2. Agragami shared their land receiving related journey and explained details about land application process.
  3. Shopno-Rajbari shared their beauty salon establishment related progress/updates by the support of Mr.Habibur Rahman,DIG, Police,.
  4. Diner Alo shared their business plan implementation related challenges and overcome strategy.
  5. Setu Bandhon shared their struggle about EC election and success story.

World Leadership Federation (WLF), has nominated and awarded Iqbalur Rahim for WLF Award-2017 for his outstanding contribution to social services.  Bandhu sincerely expressed its admiration for his excellent work especially for Hijra community and as a pioneer organization in Bangladeshto work for gender diverse communities, handed him over a Crest and Uttarioas a token of appreciation and respect.

Agreed Action items for follow up:

  1.  Need to organize such kind of sharing meeting in Dhaka considering large out comes.
  2. Consider at least two participants from each of organization that will help them to put together all the sharing’s within their own organization.

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