10.1. Training on RightsBandhu Social Welfare Society formed a platform titled “Bandhu Lawyers Panel” where a total of 206 lawyers enlisted from various districts in Bangladesh. The major purpose of this platform to enhance and ensure door step legal support to the victims. This is volunteer services by the lawyers and Bandhu provides all kind of cost related to the cases. As the lawyers are from different districts, therefore common understanding of about the role of Bandhu, Ain Alap- a legal help line services and orientation on Gender Diverse Population is important. To enhance the knowledge on particular issues, Bandhu arranges regular training for them.  The 2nd batch training with lawyers was organized from 1-2 June 2018 where a total of 23 lawyers presented. The core objective of this training was to enhance knowledge among lawyers about national and international laws related Gender Diverse population and provide a brief introduction about the pattern of case in line with Ain-Alap/legal support. After the training, the lawyers developed an action plan as a part of their responsibility.