Bandhu always emphasizes for capacity enhancement and strengthening Community Systems under CBOs. Part of this accentuate, Bandhu arranged a Capacity Building initiatives -


Training title

Training Objectives


# of Participants



19-21 June, 2017

Safety and Security Training for the protection of human rights activist in Bangladesh

To make the community activist aware on Safety & Security and inform about dealing strategy during threating situation at country level.

The major contents of the training were-

  • Stress definition, reasons, source and types,
  • Capacity strategy with the stress,
  • Risk definition, types, assumption, mitigation strategy and responsibility,
  • Differences between Security, Risk, Threat, Capacity and Vulnerability,
  • Assessing Threats and Risk,
  • Develop Safety and Security Plan
  • Cyber threats, violence and prevention
  • Need assessment for Psychosocial support seeking.


[1] Masbah U Ahmed, Deputy Manager , Training

[2] Md. Muzib Ullah Asst.Manager-Training

Chelakotha Ltd.,5/7 Lalmatia, Block-D, (7th Floor), Dhaka

Learning of the trainees:



·   The participants can use different strategy for reducing personal stress.

·   They learnt on how to cope up with the stress and anger and assess major risk on specific issue.

·   Able to differentiate between threats, risk, security, capacity and vulnerability.

·   Identify the cyber violence and prevent on it.

 - Able to prepare organizational security plan.

Major learning for Trainers:

Facilitators have to develop and use some case study with recent incidents which are related to their regular safety and security issues. By which the trainees can able more practical knowledge on safety and security issues.

Follow-up actions:

Considering the overall situation of our community people in Bangladesh, we have planned our own security, which can help us to prevent unwanted risk and threat as well.

Security Plan

Risk: Rejection and discrimination from the Society.

Assumption: Our culture, behavior and gender identity cannot accept by society.



Capacities Existing

Capacities required

Action Steps





Death threats

Gender Identity, Not having legal and local administrativesupport

Third gender recognition by the government,

Community members,

Bandhu AIN ALAP,

Watchdog committee

1.       Increase financial capability, take various measures related to safety and security.

2.       Awareness building at individual, community level and self improvement


1.    Meeting with members for regular monthly subscription,

2.    Make better relationship with society,

3.    Provide the AIN ALAP, watchdog committee and other necessary phone number to all the members so that they can inform in any emergency,

4.    Meeting with the DC, civil surgeon, Police, lawyer, faith group, local influential

5.    Received and participate in the life skill training provided by the government.

Executive and Advisory Committee and members of CBO


Office, House, Mobile phone, Community fund, Community members

August, 2017

Safe and secured living in untainted and fearless society.

Rejection  and threat of closure of CBOs

Lack of social relations, financial weakness

Adaptation in the mainstream society by community person’s skills and ability.

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