Bandhu Social Welfare Society (Bandhu) along with Blast, Nagorik Uddyog and WAVE Foundation are implementing a project titled “Empowering left behind minority communities to effectively participate in the development process of Bangladesh (ELMC)” that is co-funded by European Union and supported by Christian Aid since February 2021. The left behind minority communities particularly the Transgender (TG), Hijra, Dalit, Ethnic Minority and Person with Disability (PwD) communities are stigmatized and victimized in our country. Injustice from the current model of development, lack of agencies and bodily autonomy, discriminatory laws, traditional practices, negative social attitudes and rising fundamentalisms continue to disempower these communities. To assess the overall situation, the ELMC project has initiated to organize training for change agents on an effective mediation process/ methods.

Bandhu is requesting for proposal from qualified individual with demonstrable skills as per Request for Proposal (RfP) as link here- RFP_Mediation Skill Training

You may find another RfP on ELMC Consultant for Training of LNOB Coalition from WAVE Foundation-