Sexual minorities in Bangladesh, namely MSM and transgender/hijra communities face violence, discrimination and rejection from families, workplaces, educational institutions and broader society. They often cannot access the same services and rights as other citizens, and are vulnerable to poorer health. For example, HIV prevalence among populations of MSM and transgender people in South Asia has seen alarming increases in recent years and according to the Commission on AIDS in Asia (2008), greater than 50 percent of all new HIV infections could be among MSM by the year 2020.

Unfortunately, media reporting on these vulnerable, sexual minority groups in Bangladesh has often been prejudiced, inaccurate and sensationalist, resulting in a distortion to the public’s views on sexual orientation and gender identity issues.[1] To remedy this, Bandhu Social Welfare Society is launching a Media Fellowship initiative that leverages the influence of the media to work as a positive force for improving the human rights and health of these vulnerable populations. By engaging with communities and raising awareness among media practitioners, the media can influence public opinion and policies and programmes, and contribute to a more effective HIV response in the region.

The not-for-profit Bandhu Social Welfare Society has been working since1996 to provide appropriate sexual health services for these communities through economic livelihood, health care, and legal support, as well as to establish a place in Bangladeshi culture and public policy for a third-gender identity. Bandhu has been running similar Media Fellowships on a variety of issues since 2011.This Media Fellowship initiative is an activity under the Multi-Country South Asia Global Fund HIV Programme, for which the United Nations Development Programme Asia-Pacific Regional Centre (UNDP APRC) is the Principal Recipient and BSWS is a Sub-Recipient.

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Concept note Media Fellowship 2015

Application Form-Bandhu Media Fellowship 2015

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[1] UNDP, CFAR (2014). A Framework for Media Engagement on Human Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in South Asia.