Untitle1dBandhu Social Welfare Society had resourcefully supported and participate with the survey conduction team on “Bandhu Hijra Beneficiaries for gap identification social inclusion  and way forward” by Social Science Faculty, Anthropology department, Dhaka University, dated on 15th January’ 2018. The Department of Anthropology at the University of Dhaka is one of the leading departments within the Faculty of Social Sciences. One of the key successes of the department is that it has been undertaking fieldwork activities for the students to give them practical exposure to the society, culture and community and to provide them hands-on-training to work with a range of diversified communities living in a variety of ecosystems. The methodological virtue of anthropological fieldwork is that it gives us an opportunity to transcend received theories, knowledge, and wisdom, and allow us to learn from the only and fully valid source: ‘people speaking and acting in a living society’. So, in this very time desired work, Bandhu have successfully facilitated which basically covered community participants communication, pre meeting with survey team conduction, survey question techniques and  method finalization ,Community friendly space utilization. Before that Bandhu had arranged short preparatory meeting on session’s conduction methodology and our responses with 15 community participants including survey team members. Mr. Masbah Uddin Biraj was nominated for working with particular survey team and community members as well.

Objectives of the survey conduction was

1. To know the country based Hijra situation focused on livelihood, social amnesties, HIV and AIDS program and reality.

2. To collect primary data and understanding on SDG based working area and current challenges and related situation.

3. To collect combined suggestions for proper social inclusion based program strategy and designing idea.

 Outcomes of the meeting

  1. Different experience based Hijra’s have gathered proper knowledge on “livelihood, social amnesties, HIV and AIDS program and reality.
  2. Collected primary data through IDI and formulated individual short biography with relevant information.
  3. Team provided necessary guide/suggestions for proper social inclusion program strategy and designing idea.


It is proposed that the necessary guide/suggestions ought to be included in the social welfare department or other relevant government body’s activity.