11.1. Advocacy meetingBandhu started advocacy with NCTB since 2016 with the mission to include TG/Hijra issue in the national curriculum. The national curriculum periodically review in every five years and next review will be done in 2019. Therefore, NCTB suggested to develop supplementary reading material for class VI and Teachers Training Material that will help to orient teachers before teaching the issue in classrooms. Considering the importance, Bandhu decided to develop supplementary reading materials for class VI with the support of NCTB.

To select the appropriate contents of the reading material, an intensive research was conducted involving students, teachers and parents of different schools located in Dhaka and urban Dhaka. However, the material was developed and submitted to NCTB for their approval in February 2018 and finally Bandhu got the official approval from NCTB through an informal occasion that was organized on 27 September, 2018 in conference room, NCTB.

The meeting was ornamented with the presence of Professor Narayan Chandra Shaha, Chairman of NCTB, Mirza Tarik Hikmat, Member-Finance of NCTB, Dr. Mia Enamul Hoq Siddiki, Member-Text of NCTB Professor, Md. Nizmul Karim, Secretary of NCTB.

11. Advocacy meetingIn the welcome remarks, Shale Ahmed, Executive Director, Bandhu expressed his sincere gratitude to NCTB for this moment. He strongly believed that this supplementary reading material will help the children to create positive awareness amongst students. Professor Narayan Chandra Shaha, Chairman, NCTB expressed his sincere thanks and gratitude to Bandhu for this noble initiative. He added that, this material may help children to reduce stigma and discrimination towards this community. Md. Nizmul Karim, Secretary, NCTB, said ‘this is really a great achievement that NCTB takes initiative to approve Supplementary Reading material and we believe this issue will be addressed in National Curriculum.

Mirza Tarik Hikmat, Member-Finance, NCTB and Professor Dr. Ratan Siddiki, Member, Text, NCTB, expressed their experience of development of SRM and said that, it was long journey with Bandhu to complete this process. There was a discussion about the process of SRM publication and Piloting in sub urban schools of Dhaka City. Bandhu will print all material before December 2018 and handover those to selected few schools for one-year piloting (2019).  Based on the recommendation of Piloting, NCTB will take further steps.