Organizational Strategic Plan: guidance for every 5 years

Bandhu operates within its own strategic plan designed for every five years with a focus to achieve organizational mission and vision through ensuring services on SRHR needs and overall wellbeing of gender diverse population of the country.

UntitledThe organization is currently implementing its 4th Strategic Plan (2017-2021) which is developed to ensure that its program interventions on health and health rights through 37 well-equipped field health centers in 23 districts and 26 partner CBOs across the country, can add significant value to national response on health for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) particularly 1, 3, 5, 10, 16 and 17.

 Bandhu’s 4th Strategic Plan (2017-2021) revolves on a Theory of Change considering the facts that gender diverse communities need

  • access to comprehensive and high quality health care services
  • access to social entitlements and social protection services; and
  • to live in an environment where their human rights are protected in order to have a minimum acceptable quality of life with dignity and respect like any other human beings.

To achieve this, Bandhu structures and strategizes its response around three main development pillars in its 4th SP 2017-2021:

  • Improved access to quality health services
  • Protection of human rights and access to justice
  • Access to social entitlements and social protection

 These three pillars shall constitute the key results that Bandhu would like to achieve by 2021, as measured through a set of core-Indicators of Bandhu.

 To achieve the results in the three main development pillars of Bandhu’s Theory of Change, there are four key enablers without which the change cannot take place.  They are:

  • Capacity building of communities and stakeholders
  • Advocacy for affirmative action to create or strengthen an enabling environment for sexual minorities, mainly via policy change
  • Organizational strengthening in terms of development and sustainability
  •  Knowledge management