A day long orientation program with givt.physicians under civil surgeon was held on 14th March 2016 at Civil Surgeon Office-Rajshahi. Dr.Ferdous Nilufar,Civil Surgoen,Rajshahi,Dr. D.M  Abu Hena, MOCS,Rajshahi ,Dr,Amir Hossain,UHFPO,Mohonpur,Rajshahi as main facilitator and  Mr. Masbah Uddin  Biraj ,Bandhu had facilitated the overall orientation program.

Some key information for this event:

  • Participants were led through a series of discussion to help them understand on community people’s health needs and reality.
  • With 01 civil surgeon, 07 residential medical officer and 13 upazilla health and family planning officer joined the program for the first time in Rajshahi division.
  • In maximum upazilla, currently the main focus issue is general health to the upazilla health service providers, where SOGI or SRHR issues not mobilizing creatively for their rights.
  • Many participants were made aware of the diversity in sexual and gender identities.
  • Now, it is expected that after that program, UHFPO can establish rapport with the community people where they can get support and can refer own group members for different services.
  • Communication with different government health care centers will be easier to get SRHR services.
  • In this program , it was identified the needs and rights of sexual minority which  will support Community groups for their better health care services without any forms of stigma and discrimination.