Multi Country South Asia (MSA) Program Overview:

The Global Fund supported South Asia Regional HIV program “Reducing the Impact of HIV on Sexual Minority and Transgender Populations in South Asia” is currently in its second phase of grant implementation started from July 2013 to December 2017. UNDP serves the program as Principal Recipient up to December 2016, now Save the Children Nepal has taken responsibility to serve as Principal Recipient (PR) from January to December 2017. The program covers seven countries in South Asia include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) play crucial roles in influencing the quality of policies that affects the lives of Sexual Minority and Transgender people. In health system policies and other public policies context, CBOs or groups often channel the voices of the primary service beneficiaries of health system and presented their concerns and challenges to the policy and decision-makers and ensure that they are developing policies based on the ground realities. Despite of their crucial roles in increasing the quality of public policies, however, CBOs often insufficient funding support to perform the advocacy activities even though advocacy is one of their core strategic activities. To address the financial gap, it is common practice that the CBOs access available funding opportunities to support operation of their organizations and try to balance the implementation of project activities (mostly service delivery) while also trying to carry out advocacy that is considered necessary. This approach rarely works as most often the organizations’ main activities deviate to providing services or to focus on project management instead of conducting their core activity – advocacy.

 CSS and Advocacy Seed Grants:

Considering the need and the objective of the South Asian Regional HIV Program with a strong CSS focus and with reference to the Global Fund’s CSS Framework, one of the main component in the program is Advocacy Seed Grants which aims to provide support towards Sexual Minority and Transgender lead organization on community driven initiatives in advocating related policy environment at local or national level. It is expected that this seed fund program will cover its following objectives:

  1. Document key issues related to Sexual Minority and transgender people, in particular those who are living with HIV.
  2. Increase the awareness of local and/or national policy and decision-makers of issues related to Sexual Minority and transgender people, in particular those who are living with HIV.
  3. Highlight issues with local and/or national level policies that are in violation of human rights related to Sexual Minority and transgender people.

Each program design supported through this grants will refer to implementation of “South Asia Regional Advocacy Framework and Resource Guide: HIV, Human Rights and Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity” as well as National Advocacy Frameworks.

Eligibility to apply for CASG:

 CSS and advocacy seed grants was developed as an initiative in facilitating community led intervention particularly towards Sexual Minority and Transgender to reduce harm and negative impact from HIV epidemic. Organizations who meet these following criteria would be eligible to submit the proposal for CASG program:

  1. The applying organization (must be registered from at least any Govt. Authority) has been exist and actively involved in HIV/AIDS response and able to demonstrate experiences in community-based activities but priority will be given to applicants that benefit Sexual Minority and transgender people living with HIV.
  2. Organizations with annual operating budget less than USD 100,000.

If the applicant does not have the financial capacity to manage the approved funds, they will remain eligible to apply; in case its proposal is selected then there will be collaboration between that organization and in-country SR (Bandhu) for MSA program in implementing that successful proposal.

 CASG Priority Areas:

The applicants should focus on one or more of these following areas that would benefit the Sexual Minority and Transgender people living with HIV:

  1. Advocacy to increase access to HIV treatment services for Sexual Minority and transgender people
  2. Promotion of HIV testing and counseling for Sexual Minority and transgender people
  3. Advocacy for scaling up community-based HIV testing and counseling services
  4. Promoting complementary with government and non-governmental health services to improve the outcomes of the treatment cascade
  5. Reducing stigma and discrimination towards Sexual Minority, transgender and PLHIV
  6. Strengthening institutional capacity (in various functional areas) of Sexual Minority and TG community group
  7. Innovative approaches to increase treatment adherence; i.e. engaging mass media in raising awareness of Sexual Minority and TG issues
  8. Innovative approaches to increase quality of STI services that also address anal STIs and cancer screening
  9. Advocacy for local resource allocation and mobilization from local governments and other funding sources to ensure sustainable HIV responses

Successful proposal will be awarded with maximum amount of USD 7,651 (BDT 600,000) grants for maximum 6 months grants implementation period in between May to November 2017.

 How to apply:

  • Organizations must submit their application by completing the proposal application form which can be downloaded at Bandhu website
  • There will be 2 (two) application forms for applicants to be completed. The first form is Proposal Application Form which consists of three sections as follow:
  • Section I – for Applicant’s detailed information
  • Section II – for Technical Proposal
  • Section III – for Financial Proposal

The second form is Proposal Application form which will requires all detailed information related to financial aspect on the proposed activities. The second form will appear as an excel worksheet with existing tables for applicants to fill out.

  •  Please note that applicant is requires completing prescribed Proposal form (both Application form and Financial proposal).Those who fail in completing those two forms would no longer entitle for further selection process.
  • Applicant must attached 2 (two) supporting letters of any Govt. Authorities in its application regarding its participation on CASG request for proposal. Support letters might come from Govt. health department or local AIDS authorities where the applying organization located.

 Complete application forms should be send in hard copy (Bangla or English as per application format) and in closed envelope to the address below:

Executive Director

Bandhu Social Welfare Society (Bandhu)

99 Kakrail, 2nd and 3rd floor, Dhaka 1000


Bandhu reserves the right to reject any or all proposals without stating any reasons whatsoever. The deadline to submit Proposal Application Form is on or before 4.30pm dated 20 April 2017.

Request you to Download Details documents and Application Form from below link-

Proposal_Application Form

RFP-announcement_phase III_SFG 2017

Financial Proposal-Seed Grants