Bandhu Social Welfare Society (Bandhu) always try to introduce innovative ideas in its programs and introducing Media Fellowship is one of them. We believe, media has the strong influence to raise public awareness on this important issues by consistently highlighting HIV, gender based violence and so many other issues around the stigmatized community. The real scenario of Hijra community is not circulated out properly and sometimes media is also not sensitized regarding TG/Hijra needs and concerns. To address this, Bandhu Social Welfare Society has introduced Media Fellowship initiative in 2011 that leverages the influence of the media to work as a positive force for improving the human rights and health of these vulnerable populations. This year, Bandhu is announcing its 7th Media Fellowship under the USAID,s Human Rights in Development Project  for all media in 6 divisions except Dhaka division.

For details please click the this link Media Fellowship Concept Note Bangla

Please click this link for download Application Form Bandhu Media Fellowship 2017 – Application Form