For write up 03_Legal support and counseling through Ain Alap-A Legal Helpline CornerIn order to address the violation, stigma and discrimination of the Gender diverse population, Bandhu since 2013 for the first time in Bangladesh, commenced dedicated service, ‘Ain-Alap’ to provide legal assistance to the targeted population. Ain-Alap is continuing its service with an aim to provide information related to legal issues to the sexual minority population, identify nature of violation or rights, provide legal counseling, receive complaints from the victims and advocate them in just manner. Graphical presentations on types and nature of violation in different areas during this quarter are as follows.

 Documentation on complaint

 Bandhu legal unit (Ain Alap) documented rights violation of the community members in an easy prescribed format with the help of Watchdog committee members, field office staffs, CBO members and sometimes by the suggestions through help line. In this quarter Ain-Alap unit has documented total 11 complaints where most of the complaints comes from Sylhet district. A range of services has provided to the person who file these complaints. Such as Legal counseling, documentation, follow up etc.

For Details report, please click this link-Legal support and counseling through Ain Alap-A Legal Helpline Corner