Goal-1 :Enhanced coverage and comprehensive services of sexual & reproductive health and rights including HIV for sexual minority communities and their partners

BSWS will continue to lead in providing services to the sexual minorities in Bangladesh. There will be increased service coverage by BSWS among the sexual minorities both geographically and numerically. Initially major focus will be on MSM and hijras as required programme information and networks are available. Assessment will be initiated for other communities to explore situation and other information, which will be followed by pilot intervention. Current service package will be reviewed and sexual and reproductive components will be added to enhance the comprehensiveness of the package. System for ensuring quality will be in place and regular monitoring will be available.

Goal-2 : Reduced physical, social, psychological and legal harassment and stigma of sexual minority communities

Promotion of human rights, addressing legal barriers, reduction of stigma and discrimination will results in reduced physical, social and legal harassment of sexual minorities. BSWS will take initiatives to create mass awareness regarding sexual minority’s rights, lead advocacy with different sectors to influence policy and laws. BSWS will proactively support legal provision to mitigate harassment faced by the sexual minorities. In achieving the goal, BSWS will mobilize the sexual minority communities; strengthen network and alliance building with likeminded organizations and person. For effective advocacy BSWS will continue to generate knowledge and evidence regarding harassments of the sexual minorities.

Goal-3 :Enhance decision making ability of the sexual minority communities in programme and policy issues

Community engagement will be enhanced to ensure the appropriateness of BSWS’s social, economic and cultural priorities, which will result in shared resources and shared power and will lead in to more equity and social justice. Involvement in planning processes will help in the identification of champions and development of new community leaders. Regular structured interaction with individuals and groups will facilitate the process and facilitate the process of community capacity building.

Goal-4 : Improved livelihood options for the sexual minority communities

By being marginalized and discriminated from early age many of the sexual minorities could not complete education or other vocational skill and failed to enter in to traditional livelihood sectors or continue the occupation. They have few options and leading many for selling sex in a disadvantageous position. Sexual minority youths often are confused about future occupation goal and livelihood insecurities; lead them to anxiety, depression, aggressive behaviour or self withdrawal. During 2012-2016 Strategic Plan periods, initiatives will be taken to improve overall job environment for the sexual minorities, as well as improved and diversified skills for individuals.

Goal-5 : Enhanced capacity and sustainability of the BSWS

During the period of Strategic Plan 2012-2016, existing growth and development of BSWS will be consolidated for the future need. Informal assessment and SWOT analysis will be conducted to find out necessary areas and steps. Different steps will be initiated to address the key questions of BSWS sustainability as organization and the programme.